Kabul Beauty School

An American Woman Goes Behind the Veil

By: Deborah Rodriguez, with Kristin Ohlson. 2007

A fascinating and unique inside-look at the everyday life of ordinary women living in Kabul, written by a Western woman! Debbie, a hairdresser from Michigan, arrives in Afghanistan in 2002 to volunteer, but sees that the women and expats living in Kabul are dying for a place to have their hair treatments, makeup, etc. So by sheer guts, compassion, determination and skill, she opens a beauty school, even trains eager Afghani women to become hairdressers, and it thrives! The women open up to her and share their lives, their stories, each one more unbelievable than another. This book is a great read, shocking how their culture demeans the women, but you also learn about the special gifts these women have and come away wanting to help them succeed.


www.afghaninstituteoflearning.org Afghan Institute of Learning operates schools and other programs for women and girls in Afghanistan and in the border areas of Pakistan.

www.care.org CARE is a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty, and places special focus on working alongside poor women.

www.tcfusa.org The Citizens Foundation, USA provides quality education to underprivileged children, promotes gender equality and advocates for reform of public education in Pakistan. TCF works with 115,000 students (half of them girls) in 830 schools.