Beth Slye

While a senior in high school in Washington DC, Beth was chosen as one of 4 American students to join the Commonwealth Youth Movement and spent a summer touring England and Scotland with students from the British Commonwealth. The people she met and the experiences she had turned into a lifelong passion for travel, learning and giving back.

Educated at Oberlin, the University of Michigan, and San Francisco State University, she became a filmmaker, a journalistic photographer and a co-owner of a video production company. She has worked with 100’s of people and seen first hand people’s accomplishments and struggles. Strongly evident is the power of community and people helping people.

She is married with 2 adult children, Jeff, who works to help companies become more Earth-sustainable, and Debbie, who lives in a group home for people with special needs. Oh, and she can’t forget her awesome grandson, Jake and daughter-in-law Kristin, who is working with us on this project. In 2000, Beth and her husband Doug, along with a core group of parents, helped bring an intentional community called Camphill, serving challenged adults, to California. She knows intimately about people who need extra support, and it has helped trigger her enthusiasm for helping create

Participating in 3 book groups over the past 20 years (not all at once!), and after reading the book, Half the Sky, Beth saw the potential for women in book groups, who are already open to new ideas, as natural conduits to help other women worldwide. Last year one of her book groups read this book and donated to The Fistula Foundation and this year is donating to the She has great hopes this idea will spread worldwide.